On A Bad Day

on a bad day….

I never knew it was ok not to be ok. sometimes i still don’t believe it, i hope to god one day i will with my whole heart.

A bad day is ok… it’s weird writing that, its even weirder reading it, but you need to hear it, see it, feel it. Its ok. The pressure we put on ourselves is not normal. I get really confused about life sometimes, what it means, why we are here, all of those bizarre questions no one can give one answer to; everyones opinions are different. Then i think to myself what am i doing with my life? am i wasting it? am i doing it right? should i be married by now? what is the right way though?

We are not all destined to do the same thing, so i don’t know why i compare myself to a complete stranger, and if you do you shouldn’t either. There is no time limit to what is and isn’t success, one mans trash is another treasure.

It doesn’t make you a weak or bad person to have an off day, “a bad day” so what. Live it, and get over it, that doesn’t define who you are or what your life is. to think everyone is always happy and is an unreasonable expectation that i’ve put on myself, its not real. THAT IS NOT REAL LIFE. I want to experience it all! The bad the good the best and the worst.

There is no sunshine without rain, your ok, your doing just great and so am i.

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