Our Movement.

fullsizeoutput_253aI guess you’re wondering what my title is about… Well you, I and who ever else reads this post needs to be ‘Our Movement’

It has come to light, another Love island contender Mr Mike Thalassitis has taken his own life. I did not know this man personally, nor am I unaware that there are many other young men and women struggling with mental health. We are preaching a movement to be “nicer” “kinder” “our best self” “that trolls are unwanted and evil”….. My question to you and everyone else is. why? Why hasn’t any action been taken? Why is there still TROllS? why are WE allowing it? If we are so saddened and hurt by the affects, WHY is nothing being done?

It’s time this movement happened, we can talk and say what ever we like about changing the way our generation is, but only WE can make the changes. Enough is enough now! Don’t you think? We can’t just see the potential in someone when it’s to late. Hate is unwelcome and should not be tolerated in any walk of life.

If WE are going to be to compelled by reality TV, let us help to change the rules and regulations! Let US make them… “we’re” so upset and hurt by an innocent person taking their own life. Let’s stand together and make sure history never repeats itself.

I’m standing for our movement. Will you?

Rest in Peace MikeThalassitis

Leggy leg boobie boob girls

Nope i’m not one of them either.

That doesn’t mean to say i’m less desirable, beautiful or sexy. dose it? My answer would be to preach NO, beauty is whats in the inside not the outside. I could scream that until i’m blue in the face to someone else, but i cant take my own advise. The worst thing is – I believe it so much for everyone else but when it comes to me why do i disregard it completely. why the fuck am i doing that?

legs 7

I find it hard that there is this invisible rule book you have to follow in order to be seen as beautiful. Big lips, Skinny  legs, big bum, long hair, skinny but curvy (whats that all about) This expectation to look like people that don’t even look like them themselves is torturing us. Its not fair, And it needs to stop. 

I can appreciate beauty in every form its presented to me. A smile, a laugh, a 6 pack LoL. So i’m going to stop trying to define beauty, and just enjoy it for what it is.

you are beautiful.